Pico-Go VS Code Extension

Autocompletion and a REPL console for the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Download Documentation

Python v3 must be installed.

PC (x64), Mac (x64 or Silicon) or Linux (x64 or arm64) computer required.


Get code completion suggestions (also known as "Intellisense") for MicroPython to increase your efficiency and accuracy.

Errors and Warnings

Thanks to Pylance, Pico-Go can point out any errors you've made and can suggest how to improve your code further.

Code Documentation

MicroPython classes and methods are documented and guidance will appear within VS Code. Includes the rp2 module!

REPL Console

Interact with your Pico board using the built-in REPL console. Send commands using Python code and view the output.

Run Code

Run all the Python code in your current VS Code window, or select an individual line and just run that.

Sync Files

Upload code to your Pico so it executes when not plugged into your computer. Download from your Pico to your computer.